The Victory Continues

Esther 8
This life and death drama shows us how God often works in our lives behind the scenes. It also teaches us about our purpose in the world…About faith and the importance of family…About our need for Godly leaders, and more.
The Lord has promised to reward our righteousness. Sometimes, like Mordecai, we will receive the rewards in this world. But the truth is that many of the best people who ever lived were treated like dirt by the anti-God forces of the world. 

Jesus would not have informed us about heavenly rewards if He didn’t want us to know about them. He could have kept the truth about eternal rewards a big secret, which would be revealed to all on the Day of Judgment. Instead, He specifically told us that some things we do now will be rewarded in the next life.

Why did God give us so much information about rewards? — He wants us to know that another world exists beyond this life and that when we serve Him, our labor is not in vain.

Esther had a growing trust in the king. How much more can we trust our King!
Haman was the cause of all this trouble. But it never would have happened without the king’s foolish consent. Now Ahasuerus was doing the best he could to make things right. But this reminds us that at the best, earthly judges are fallible. — And in much of the world, they are as wicked as can be. Jesus Christ is “the righteous Judge!” — His rulings are always righteous. 


As long as we are in this world, there is a spiritual battle to be won.  They had great joy, because God had provided them the way to be saved. How much more joy can we have in the Lord who provided the way for us to be saved forever!


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