The Church that Jesus Built

Matthew 16:13-20
When you start talking about the “church”, what immediately comes to mind? People immediately think you’re talking about one of many denominations, or perhaps all of the denominations put together. Most believe that “one church is just as good as another.” There are many good religious people who believe that all of these different denominations, with all of their differing names, creeds, doctrines, and man-made traditions somehow altogether represent God’s Church.

The basis of something is its foundation.

What is the “rock” upon which Jesus said He would build His church? What is the foundation of the Church that Jesus built? The church that Jesus built has no human foundation. the basis of the church that Jesus built is the truth that Christ is the Son of God. Our strength and safety comes when we stay riveted to our firm foundation, Jesus Christ.
The church is :
The builder is Christ.
The body of Christ.
The house of God.
The bride of Christ.
The Business: “Go ye, therefore.” We are to make disciples. We’ve got to get it through our heads that “Go,” means “Go, me!” There are people in this world who don’t know about the gospel. They don’t know about the love and forgiveness of Jesus. And the only way they are ever going to find out is if somebody tells them. We must do God’s will, not man’s will.

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