New Testament Worship

John 4:1-26
What is worship? We should expect considerable confusion in this matter of worship from those who have departed from the central truths of the Scriptures. Most distressing of all is the confusion which exists within the Protestant, evangelical, fundamental Christianity concerning the meaning of worship. 
Some may wonder why all the fuss over this matter of worship. Simply stated, we need to study worship because there is so much confusion and so little understanding and practice of worship. Also, it is because of the severe consequences of false worship. The third reason, and by far the primary one for considering the subject of worship worthy of our consideration is because worship is of great importance to God. 
God is seeking men and women to be worshipers of Himself
. But this worship must be worship that is “in spirit and in truth.” It is not enough to be a worshiper of God; God is seeking true worshipers. 
There are a number of Greek and Hebrew words which are rendered ‘to worship’ or ‘worshiper.’ In the Scriptures, there are three pairs of words which underscore for us the three primary elements of true worship. 
A definition of worship: 


Worship is the humble response of regenerate men to the self-disclosure of the Most High God. It is based upon the work of God. It is achieved through the activity of God. It is directed to God. It is expressed by the lips in praise and by the life in service.
Singing and Music

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