Fellowship in the New Testament Church

Ephesians 3:8-11
1Corinthians 12

One such concept that has been especially warped in its biblical meaning is the concept of Christian fellowship. Today, churches have fellowship halls, fellowship dinners, and fellowship but very few have real fellowship. Yet for a church that seeks to be guided in principle and practice by the New Testament, fellowship is very important. 

I hope each of you will learn that biblical fellowship is God’s method for the outworking of His will through the church. In order for you to understand this, we will have to discover first, what true fellowship really is, second, why fellowship is important in a New Testament church, and finally, how each one of us can practice fellowship.
Our English word, “fellowship” is the translation of the Greek word, “koinonia.” 
This Greek word is derived from the root, “

koinos,” which was a prefix in ancient Greek. If you were to add this prefix to words meaning “living,” “owning a purse,” “a dispute,” and “mother,” you would get words meaning “living in community together,” “owning a purse in common,” “a public dispute,” and “having a mother in common.” So, we see that the root of the word, “fellowship,” means “to hold something in common.” 

From the usage of the word, we can conclude that fellowship is a word denoting a relationship that is dependent on more than one individual. It is an interdependent relationship. 
“Fellowship” was never used to describe man’s relationship to God before the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell the church. It is an exclusively post-pentecost relationship. Fellowship primarily focuses on our spiritual unity with Christ, an inner relationship. fellowship does not stop with being an inner unity for it is primarily an action word! it is a unique relationship with Christ. fellowship is not just doing anything together. 
Fellowship Is God’s way of accomplishing His plan of glorifying Christ. You can practice fellowship by recognizing our goal and taking an active part where you can best help. People must recognize our goal.

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