Christmas, a Time to Proclaim God’s Salvation

Luke 1:57-80

In times of trouble, we all need a strong and mighty Savior, who is able to hold us close and lift us to a place of safety and rest.

Christmas time, is a time we need to proclaim that our Salvation has come. 

Too often, we get distracted from the real meaning of Christmas and get caught up in all the hype and all the gifts and the food. We forget that Christmas is all about the salvation which God is offering to us, and to those around us.

Zechariah’s Prophecy: The Horn of Salvation

Zechariah’s song is a song of praise because God has come and has redeemed his people. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David. The key word here is – redeem. It is a – salvation from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us. Zechariah has in mind that this Messiah will come and save them from the Roman oppression. 
Notice that this Messiah was going to be a horn of salvation. Zechariah was saying that there would be incredible power in this salvation which would reside in the person of the Messiah. He would have the power to save the nation of Israel from their oppressors. He was the horn of salvation in that he conquered the greatest enemy of all – sin and death. He did it to show mercy to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant.
The second reason he offers salvation is to keep his word. God promised long ago, that he would offer a blessing to all nations through his servant Abraham. He is now keeping his word by sending the horn of salvation to seek and save the lost. There is nothing better than having a relationship with the almighty God. To be his servant is to hold an incredibly privileged position. But before we could be his servants, we needed to conquer the sin and death issue. Here in Zechariah’s song, is the gospel message presented even before Christ was born. 
John’s Part
John was the prophet who would prepare the way for the Horn of salvation. He would prepare the way so that people could gain knowledge about the salvation Christ was bringing. It was not just a political salvation, but it was a spiritual salvation which would be accomplished by the forgiveness of their sins.

Lastly Zechariah closes with a wonderful image of what Christ will do for the world. Zechariah pictures him as a rising sun. Literally, a “rising up” of light which will come from heaven. This light will bring light into a dark world.

Christ came to shine his light on those living in darkness without hope and those living in this shadow. He wants to bring peace to people living in the darkness and in the shadow of death this Christmas by offering them his salvation. We often talk about peace at Christmas time, but think of it as a quiet relaxing day or contented stomach. But that is not correct. Christmas is all about bringing God’s peace into the world by restoring relationships with him. 

People need a John who will prepare the way for Jesus’ salvation. I believe that God is calling each one of us to be Johns this Christmas. The Horn of salvation has come, but there are plenty of people out there who still living in darkness and the shadow of death. They need someone to go before the Lord and prepare the way for him. God wants us to be a candle if you will, who will go into the darkness to prepare the way for the glorious light of Christ.

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